About Yoga

Yoga for Stress

A gentle yoga class, starting with lying down, connecting with the breath. Bringing about a curiosity is it possible let go of tension and relax into what is there, giving whatever is there space. Moving into some stretching and postures, exploring emphasis on the breath. Checking in with what is needed. Ending with a body scan in relaxation.

Yin Yoga

Yin practice is slow, steady and often stationary, exploring, being curious. Is it possible to soften, relax, relate to what is happening without reaction? The poses are held for time nourishing the connective tissue.

Mindfulness Meditation and Enquiry

Using the breath being offered various techniques to explore bringing about a sense of space. Moving into if appropriate, questioning: What is possible here? with various questions dropped into the heart space or just allowing life to flow through us. Sitting, lying with experience as it is.

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic form of vinyasa yoga. This is a system of yoga using the breath and connected movement with a broad range of postures. All linked together in a continuous flow, using energy locks (bandhas) and looking points (dristi) to focus the mind. There are variations of poses offered.

Dynamic Yoga

A vinyasa practice with the emphasis on moving through the postures in a flowing way with the awareness on the "in" and "out" breath.