About Yoga...
Yoga is a moving mediation, uniting body, breath and mind. Allowing us to stay in each moment, breath by breath. Yoga is for everybody who has a body - it is an inner and outer practice. More important than how flexible you are, or how deeply you go into postures, is the breath. If you can breath you can do yoga. As we strengthen physically in yoga postures we strengthen in other areas of our being, leading to increased self-awareness and wellbeing. The beautiful thing about yoga is that as we find this strength we also find a softness. The strength and softness inside us leads us to a deeper understanding of our self and of others, as well as increased compassion and awareness. Yoga brings a sense of groundedness and can bring us back into the body and into the now. We can take this into other areas of our lives: breathe, pause and soften which can help us deal with life's stresses and strains.
Yin Yoga

Yin practice is slow, steady and often stationary, with a sense of core softness and surrender. The postures are held for a period of time (5 minutes or longer) Working on the connective tissue, the deeper aspects of the body and mind.

Dynamic Yoga

The emphasis is on moving through the postures in a flowing way with the awareness on the 'in' and 'out' breath.
Hatha Yoga

A general, slow-to-medium paced class. Including posture work with emphasis on the breath. A closing relaxation, and mediation or pranayama. (Breath control exercises)

Ashtanga Yoga

A vigorous, dynamic form of yoga. This system of breath and connected movement with a broad range of postures all linked together in a continuous flow, using energy locks (bandhas) and looking points (drishti) to focus the mind.